Road wooden balance board with transparent lacquer

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KateHaa presents inspiring classic balance board in an elegant, modern design and contemporary editions combining playing with learning and development.
For exciting, imaginative and joyful play there is no toy better than our wooden balance board that has been handed down from generations.

The balance board is capable of giving a breathtaking open-ended play! It can be used as a bridge, slide, see-saw, step up ladder, rocking cradle and much more. There is so much to do with this movement tool, it goes for children, adults and elderly.

The balance board trains the coordination, stimulates the vestibular system, improves the posture and strengthens the muscular corset. Kids can practice their gross and fine motor skills and more. The balance board is recommended by physiotherapists around the world.

No matter where and when kids will always find out new ways how to use and enjoy the balance is the toy that will always be in motion! This versatile and durable balance board will be enjoyed for years and is absolutely great for indoor and outdoor use.

Length: 90 cm / 35,43 in
Width: 28 cm / 11,02 in
Arch height: 22 cm / 8,66 in

Suitable age: 0 - 7 years

Length: 104 cm / 40,94 in
Width: 33 cm / 12,99 in
Arch height: 23 cm / 9,06 in

Suitable age: 0 - 99+ years

Material: Elegant, light-colored Baltic birch plywood (natural wood), FSC certified.
Child-friendly finish. Water-based translucent lacquer.

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