The ultimate rainbow Waldorf Rocker- it has it all: style, safety, and versatility

The ultimate rainbow Waldorf Rocker- it has it all: style, safety, and versatility
Best Rainbow Waldorf Rocker For Your Active Toddler.

Look to Kate Haa for bold colors, whimsical design, and an extra-large size that will grow with your child.

All that with a reasonable price tag makes Kate Haa my top recommendation.
Kate Haa’s colors are absolute eye-candy. Curvy cross-boards with very small gaps between each board make the perfect surface for your child to place their entire foot on.

A sturdy place to plant your foot means added safety. It means a comfy surface to sit or lay on. It means toys and stuffed animals you rock back and forth in won’t slip through the cracks.

There are just tons of benefits built-in to these well-designed cross-boards.
Plus, it looks like a funky wavy rainbow — the most unique of any toddler’s arch on the market.

Check out the grab-ability of those handles, too!

The entire inner circle of the frame is lined by open handles. So important!
In the beginning stages of learning to balance, your child will have a place to brace onto — always within the closest reach. Kate Haa’s got the best handles of all Rocker-style arches. (And climber-style arches don’t even compare.)

What’s more — lots of people have a tough time choosing between a climbing-style arch and a rocking style arch.

Rockers seem more versatile — workable for both rocking and climbing activities. But climbers — with ladder rungs and ramp extensions — just seem better for climbing.

Kate Haa’s world-class rocker solves this problem times a thousand!

They’ve specially created a reversible rainbow ramp — with ladder steps on one side and a smooth slide on the other. Viola! It’s a rocker that rocks with the best of them with a specialized climbing apparatus to balance out the play versatility.

Look closely, and you’ll notice that the ramp’s safety straps. Now, you can make absolutely sure the ramp won’t come loose while your child is climbing.

All that at about 2/3 the price of a Wiwiurka (ranked number two).

Hands down, Kate Haa’s is the best rainbow rocker this year!



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