Build & Play Montessori wooden playhouse set for kids

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Build & Play is a configurable playhouse set that brings joy. It can be configurated to kid-sized houses, stands, towers, tunnels…endless structures can be built.

Playing boards of different shapes the child learns to experience weight fluctuations, facilitates coordination of movements, and learns regularities. Creating different structures kid learns to plan their activities how boards will be joined together and foreseeing a series of steps forward, which develops both creative and technical thinking.
Playing with other children, kids learn to work in a team, agree on the activities to be performed and the result to be achieved, as well as enjoy the opportunities offered by configurable playhouse set.

Build & Play playhouse set makes fun and joy! The little ones (age 1-3) enjoy climbing inside the spaces, playing in, older kids (from 4 years) are excited about building and designing houses, towers, and other structures.

The playhouse is the toy that always will be used because there are so many uses! 

The material and shape are specially designed for the child to work comfortably.

The order processing time is up to 3-4 weeks.