The XXL Pastel Rocker + RAMP for kids in pastel colors

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The rocker is capable of giving a breathtaking open-ended play! It can be used as a bridge, slide, see-saw, step up ladder, rocking cradle, bed for dolls, and much more. Placed on the side it can turn into a store. There is so much to do with this movement tool, it goes for toddlers and children. 

Specially designed handles for easier movement and play along the side edges

Designed to help develop motor skills, agility and in a safe way to unleash kid's boundless energy and creativity. It helps to develop the vestibular apparatus and increase the child’s coordination of movements while strengthening your child’s muscles constantly.

Dimensions for XXL rocker:
Width: 60 cm / 23 ‘’
Length: 109 cm / 43’’
Height: 60 cm / 23 ‘’

Dimensions for a ramp:
Width: 41 cm / 16.14 ‘’
Length: 115 cm / 45.27’’
Thickness: 15 mm / 0.59‘’

Material: Baltic birch plywood.
Treatment: Child-friendly finish - colors and water-based varnish compliant with standard EC 71-3.
Produced in Europe.

* The rocker is shipped flat packaged.
* Please note that due to the curved slat design the ramp can be placed only at one position (height) as shown in the image.

The order processing time is 4 weeks.

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