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Personalized Gifts from KateHaa

Personalized Gifts from KateHaa

People want to personalize things and gifts more and more. Maybe it is just a trend, but maybe it is a way to express oneself and give the gift personification. When making wooden toys, KateHaa has...

Toys for the Development of a Child from 0-2 Years of Age

Toys for the Development of a Child from 0-2 Years of Age

Wooden toys for the development of a child from 0-2 years of age. What KateHaa has to offer and which wooden indoor toys we recommend best. We also touch on the topic what they develop and how to u...

Toys for the Development of a Child from 2-5 Years of Age

Toys for the Development of a Child from 2-5 Years of Age

Continuing our series of articles on appropriate toys for each age group of children, in this article we will look at the age group of children from 2-5 years. An article about which KateHaa wooden...

KateHaa supports the improvement of several stages of child development. We encourage children to develop the gross motor skills of their hands and feet, which are responsible for cognitive development such as speech skills, while taking care of the safety of children's hands and feet.KateHaa helps children become more adventurous and confident!

0 - 2 years

The more the child will be able to do and be creative by himself, the more he will be confident about his abilities and become a strong personality. The need for imagination, a sense of truth and a feeling of responsibility is all they need at this age. Make play a priority. Sometimes we have to say no to certain outings, events or activities. Family life is challenging enough but downtime, where kids can just be kids, is a necessity for children.

2 - 5 years

Open - ended play allows children to express themselves and develop their imaginations, which gives them a sense of mastery, power and control of their own learing. Play is the work of childhood. KateHaa sustainable toys grow with the child and at any age will find the best use that will be appreciated by both the child and the parents. It is an investment in the whole childhood.

5 - 8 years and up

Fun and versatile, all of us, ranging from 1-year-old to 32 are enjoying it. Good quality and looks nice

Eeva Ljavoinen

It’s more than a rocker. My babies played with it as it’s a mountain, a bridge, a small house and so on. t’s stable and firm enough for me to climbed on with my daughter. Now, my husband could play slide at home, we all love it!

Chi-Faung Chang

We are absolutely satisfied with the purchase! Quality is very good! The pastel rainbow colours are beautiful. Delivery was quite fast. Foldable feature makes it a perfect item for an apartment, saving valuable space.


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