Productive Indoor Games

Productive Indoor Games

When the New Year has just started and winter is outside the window, we parents, often think about how to productively entertain our children. Table games, cartoons and other forms of entertainment make up everyday life, but then a moment comes when everything has been tried and there are no more ideas. What to do then?

On the one hand, we wish, in winter season, that children movements do not decrease, so that children have the opportunity to find that encouragement for the joy of movement also indoors. On the other hand, we parents, want to have a moment for ourselves, when we can be sure that everything is OK with the children, but we can enjoy what we like or do something, leisurely, from housework. This is where KateHaa comes to the rescue with its wooden indoor playgrounds that entertain, engage and develop. There is a wide range on offer, but in this article we will consider the three most popular KateHaa products: Montessori Rockers, Activity Cubes and Climbing Frames.

The Montessori Rocker is a unique indoor toy. The kids can swing on it, climb on it and even use it as a counter in role-playing games. This rocker is based on the Montessori teaching, which allows the child to develop his own thinking as to how to use the particular thing. Who knows, maybe another creative idea will come to the list of features soon? The Montessori Rocker is available in natural, bright and pastel colours.

The activity cubes are versatile and can be combined exactly as you and your children want. You can put the cube together, add a slide or stairs and a climbing ramp/slide. This is a real indoor playset that can help you not lose the joy of movement even in the cooler months of the year.

And finally the classic: the climbing frame. It is compact, interesting and perfectly compatible with almost every KateHaa product. Connecting it with an activity cube can expand the indoor playground and make it even more interesting.

KateHaa understands the needs and wants of children, which is why our wooden indoor playgrounds are known all over the world. We create a safe environment where children can develop, be with their loved ones and be inspired for life.  Wooden indoor playgrounds are great means of entertainment for children, allowing kids to spend productive time at home. It is a good way how to keep kids active indoors, but parents can enjoy a leisurely moment with a cup of tea or coffee in their hands.



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